Bodies in Balance is an in network provider for BCBS.

Bodies in Balance does not accept patients insured under Medicare.

Point of service cash pay rates are available for those patients who do not have a health insurance carrier in which we are contracted.

Bodies in Balance does accept and can bill for most other health insurance plans as an out of network provider.

Patients may need to contact their health insurance provider to ask about out of network physical therapy benefits, although insurance carriers should be able to explain benefits based on the specific policy's coverage.

Tennessee is a Direct Access state.

Insurance carriers frequently require a prescription or referral. Please contact your healthcare provider for details. Rules and regulations vary depending upon state where patient seeks treatment. In TN, rules and regulations allow patients to seek physical therapy care without a physician's prescription or referral within a limited scope or time. However, when billing your insurance carrier, the insurance carrier frequently requires a prescription or referral. Please contact our office for more details. Phone: 423-255-6105 or Fax: 423-756-4782

Things patients may need to know when contacting insurance carrier:
  1. What is my annual deductible?
  2. How much of my deductible have I met for the year?
  3. What percent of the allowable charges will my insurance cover once I meet my deductible? Out of network patients are responsible for any disallowable charges.
  4. Do I need a prescription or referral?
  5. Are there any additional penalties for going out of network?
Bodies in Balance accepts cash or check.