Physical Therapy

Bodies in Balance is a small specialty studio located in the heart of North Chattanooga. Bodies in Balance offers the most advanced in physical therapy treatment techniques. Our therapists provide individualized patient care and specialize in movement re-education through Pilates based rehabilitation, adaptive yoga and orthopedic manual physical therapy.

We take extra care to educate our patients helping them learn to care for their dysfunctions. Our goals also include educating the medical community regarding the possibilities of orthopedic manual physical therapy.

Bodies in Balance strives to be a physical therapy clinic for motivated proactive patients seeking to better understand and care for their injuries.

Physical Therapy Mission

To ensure accurate and thorough treatment, Bodies in Balance conducts a detailed evaluation that looks beyond the injury and into the functional relationships of the body to the injury. Our experienced physical therapists

have completed advanced training and certification in a continuing effort to provide individualized specialty care to patients.

What We Do Differently?

In an evaluation, the proverb “Measure twice, cut once” conveys our belief that exacting preparation leads to effective action.

The preparation for physical therapy treatment is the evaluation. This is not just to find the specific painful part, but to identify the exact forces which create the pain or dysfunction. Our staff carefully analyzes the biomechanics of functionally related regions of the body to identify that which led to and may continue to perpetuate an injury.

Bodies in Balance provides direct one on one care by a physical therapist for a full hour. Patients are frequently asked to participate in a home or gym based therapeutic exercise program doing the prescribed exercises they can perform independently outside of clinic time. In the clinic, time is spent improving upon biomechanics of the spine and/or extremity, sport specific training and/or gait training.

Bodies in Balance is a specialty Physical Therapy studio located in the heart of North Chattanooga. Bodies in Balance utilizes a system of hands-on evaluative and treatment techniques for proactive patients who are seeking to better care for their injuries.